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Our Mission. Help Amazon and Ecommerce Sellers Prosper in the Global Marketplace.

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Who We Are.

Since 2018, the TTS team has evolved from a small translation company specialising in Amazon translation services to a well valued global company for international Amazon sellers. 

Comprised of a growing team of 30+ people who provide translations and copywriting for a multitude of languages, makes us a force to be reckoned with.

With hands-on experience of selling on Amazon, we know what it takes to be #1.

Our global team consists of dedicated e-commerce, language and translation experts. We provide ALL the essential knowledge needed for your project to be a success. We provide tailored language solutions for an ever-growing list of international clients.

Our main priority is to provide our clientele with an excellent corporate translation service and multilingual project management. We meet ALL translation and localisation needs, leaving you to focus on your business. 

Global Team TTS
Sam Caffrey_Director TTS

Sam Caffrey


Meet the team.

Melanie Van Breugel_HR Manager

Melanie van Breugel


Connie Lodwick _Customer Manager

Connie Lodwick

Customer Relations Manager

We Want Your Business To Win.

We believe your company will sell successfully in all marketplaces.

We believe that with our help, your business can reach new heights. Our team are ready to provide the BOOST you’ve been NEEDING.

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