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Increase your Amazon Sales.

Translation including SEO
Specifically for Amazon.

Amazon SEO Translation
Translation Amazon SEO

Translation Alone isn't Enough for Amazon.

Let's face it; most products sold out there, are being sold by hundreds, if not thousands of other sellers in the Amazon marketplace and without language specific search terms and keywords, it is very unlikely your product will show up in customer searches.


Translating your Amazon product listing, word for word, into different languages without Amazon specific keyword research, WILL have a negative impact on your ranking and sales. 

Problem Solved.

We provide Amazon product translations with language specific SEO.


By using specialised programmes that identify Amazon specific top-ranking search terms and keywords, combined with our expert translations, we ensure complete optimisation of your listings in your chosen languages. 


Incorporating Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) throughout your listings guarantees your product the BEST chance at being found in the Amazon jungle. Each SEO translation includes a backend keyword list to further BOOST your selling opportunities.

Language Specific SEO
Amazon SEO

Why this is IMPORTANT.

Amazon has their own search engine called the A9 algorithm or A10 as it’s now known. 


The algorithm sifts through all corresponding products on Amazon and identifies the products that have the exact words and phrases customers are searching for. 

These products are more likely to be seen first. 


Therefore, having the most up to date country specific search terms and keywords are essential to your Amazon success.

Dominate the competition.

A 2 in 1 Service. Translation + SEO is the WINNING formula for Amazon sellers. We will translate your listings while also incorporating the vital SEO keywords and phrases for your individual products for each marketplace.


Your Amazon product listing needs to be optimised with the most current search terms to help you gain the most success when using Amazon, otherwise you face being left behind by the others who do.


Don’t sacrifice profits, ranking and sales. Add SEO to your listings. 

Amazon SEO Translations

Let Us Help You Earn The Amazon Best Seller Badge.

TTS are a team of skilled professionals who are fully acquainted with Amazon's policies. You are just a click away from your business being exposed to millions of new eyes.

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